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What We Do

Layout Design & Composition

The publishing industry demands high quality content in various formats. CoKrator caters to a wide range of digital and print need, and in various professional platforms... »

Art Studio

Our art team creates accurate scientific, technical, and medical illustrations for all scopes of content requirements. Our team can renders all kinds of complicate illustrations ... »

Digital Publishing

Over the last 4 years there has been a surge of interest on Digital Publishing and consuming print content on digital devices. While there are several reasons that have led to the built up of this interest, today ... »

Editorial Services

The language level, subject, and tone of each publication are unique and critical. Our skilled editors review manuscripts and make necessary grammatical corrections, and keep an eye on coherence... »

Project Management

Our experienced project managers are highly organized and resourceful, and can plan and implement tailored workflows to suit your needs. We maintain close contact with our clients throughout the ... »

Website Content Writing

As new publishers enter the marketplace and begin to build their brands, an increasing need for website content writers arise, as these writers pave the way forward for inclusive growth... »