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Layout Design & Composition

The publishing industry demands high quality content in various formats. CoKrator caters to a wide range of digital and print need, and in various professional platforms. The power and flexibility to produce a variety of documents with strong typographic controls suitable for commercial printing have industry-wide acceptance. Our team is well equipped to handle this kind of complex jobs that can effectively create PDF files with embedded color profiles and color separations so that any commercial printers can reproduce exactly what is designed.

Composition and design no longer focused on just the printed text, but they must also be developed for all kinds of handheld devices, including smart phones, tablets, and the web. That is why our skilled composition team analyzes the process closely with our design team to ensure that the layout, design and composition work together to achieve all print and digital formats as per the project's requirements.

Our team is proficient with most advanced digital publishing software like InDesign, Publisher, QuarkXPress, PagePlus, LaTex and, and can also work on customer customized platforms. We also design unique layouts, with suitable typography and art, to have the desired look, based on our clients' vision and marketing message, while keeping in mind the required end use.

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