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Project Management

Our experienced project managers are highly organized and resourceful, and can plan and implement tailored workflows to suit your needs. We maintain close contact with our clients throughout the process; so they are well informed at every stage.

We strongly believe in a philosophy that a technically competent individual, who does not have the leadership, negotiation, and other behavioral skills, has less chance of successfully managing a project. Understanding the contextual aspects of a project provides, for example, the information to support decision making. Project managers are better performer when they are competent in the technical, contextual, and behavioral categories of project management.

We take utmost care and rigorous selection procedure for Project Manager's at CoKrator. Also, the senior managers review and approve the project plan against objective criteria. This procedure entails a review and comment on the project plan by functional managers with a stake in the project. This result in having better understanding how closely the project is to be monitored and what is the urgency for the product, which relates to the priority, assigned to the project.